Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is an essential nutrient that can energize your body, help clear your mind, relieve stress, and relax muscles as energy is restored to the cells. This is a great option for marathon runners and athletes, those suffering from a lack of focus, jetsetters struggling with altitude sickness, and those with chronic migraines or sinus issues, to name a few. Add this treatment to your IV therapy for a boost today!

  • 30 minutes….$20

Vitamin B-12 Injection

This nutrient is utilized by the body to maintain healthy red blood cells and nerves. It boosts energy, increases metabolism, helps regulate sleep, mood and appetite. The B-12 shot is absorbed into a large muscle and the therapeutic vitamin is released slowly over time. Great for those on the go!

  • $25

Other Injections:

  • B-12 + B Complex $40
  • Glutathione $25
  • Steroid (Solumedrol or Decadron) $25
  • Anti-inflammatory $25
  • Anti-nausea $25

Weight Loss Injections

This potent combination of amino acids and B vitamins helps the liver metabolize fat. It is a valuable addition to your weight loss regimen. You will receive a consultation with a healthcare provider, a comprehensive body analysis, and a weight loss guide at your first visit. During the program, weekly visits will keep you motivated and feeling great!

  • MIC Weight Loss Injection $25
  • Package of 8 MIC injections $175